My name is Pilar and I was born in a city close to Madrid, called Toledo.
I studied a degree in English and Spanish languages and Literature, in order to be a professional school teacher. After that, I became a qualified psychologist, which are my two passions.  That is why I bring to my job not only the necessary tools to encourage the learning but also the knowledge about how the brain works when a new language is been learned.
What I want writing about "Shelly and Blue" is to make you feel close to the language and have fun while we are doing so.  Let’s do it through real situations and the Spanish language that we actually speak.
I realized how much I love teaching when I visited my sister in England, where she lives.
Every time being there I met people that were really interested in this wonderful country that is Spain.
So I started teaching basic/advanced Spanish and I also tried to adapt the method considering the peculiarities of every person and the difficulties any training can bring.
So one of my main concern is to focus on keeping the motivation to be successful learning Spanish through the adventures of "Shelly and Blue"making the most of my psychological skills.
And I am Fer, the another half of this team.
I try to make a way of life of my great passion, which is to draw. 
I really enjoy traveling through the situations of these two characters and seeing how they will have to figure it out to communicate each other. 
I had to struggle to learn huge lists of verbs in English, and I always wanted to find a method to learn how to communicate easily in a second language.

To know somehing more about me, let me tell you that I was born in Barakaldo, at the north of Spain, but nowadays I live in the center of the country.
I do not stop missing my roots, that's why whenever we can, we go over there.
I really enjoy playing with my children and sharing with them my hobbies like reading comics and drawing.

How did this project come about?

We realized how complicated it can often be to take time to study as adults and have many things to do.
People look for something fun to learn how to communicate when they travel or listen to music.
What people do not want is to be studying things like grammar, without knowing how to use it. We thought it would be a good idea to invent something that was simple and fun.
And that's how we came up with the idea, and little by little we found the characters that will grow with the plot.
Actually, we believe that they have something of our own personalities. On the one hand there is who is afraid to learn something new, and on the other the always present idea that there is no reason to have it. Using skills as a psychologist, always training motivation.


We hope you enjoy it!