I'm sure you like Spanish, and you may have tried to learn more than once. But what you do not like is to spend hours and hours learning grammar and verb lists. You spend a lot of time in your work, and your obligations do not let you follow some classes. What you're looking for is knowing how to communicate when you go on vacation, and being able to know something about Spanish culture ... That's it! Am I right?

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It is written by native Spanish teachers.

There is no age to start to learn a language and every person is ready to improve this skill at any time. Spanishimo gives you the resources to learn the Spanish we actually speak and to communicate effectively.

You are probably wondering who is behind all of this. Let me tell you this is a team, Pilar and Fer, and joining our skills we have created these two characters called Shelly and Blue, through its adventures you will find how easy to learn another language is...